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How are Formula 1 cars tracked and timed?

[fa icon="calendar'] 21/10/16 11:00 / by Shøle Offenbach posted in Tips & Tricks

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Formula 1 is a fascinating sports. I mean those cars are FAST! Did you know that the unofficial speed record for F1 car is 413 km/h? Not bad. F1 - like Ecofleet Mileage Log - relies heavily on tracking the car and analyzing location and timing data. While Ecofleet Mileage Log uses GPS technology to position all kinds of vehicles, Formula 1 cars have a bit different ways for the same task.

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Make your road trip a success with these 9 tips!

[fa icon="calendar'] 20/07/16 10:37 / by Janne Beeken posted in Tips & Tricks, News

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To make your road trip a success, I have collected the best links and advice on what to bring, and what to be aware of. It is more than annoying if the insurance does not cover - or you are presented with a huge fine because you drove across the border to some invisible Environmental Zone in Germany or a LTZ in Italy (Zona Traffico Limitato )...

Before we start kicking the tires and giving advice on ecofriendly driving, we will take a quick look at the insurance needed:

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